Brews Brothas on 90.3 Sounds of Ideas

Check out the session at the link below. Giles and Noah, founders of Suds Brewing Co. went live on the radio to talk about the benefits of shopping local this holiday season. They specifically talked about their beer soap! What could be better than having Christmas Ale Beer Soap to bathe in all year long!!!!


3 thoughts on “Brews Brothas on 90.3 Sounds of Ideas

  1. Loved the concept first, then I fell in love with the soap. The scents are amazing and everything, including the customer service is awesome. Top quality! I will be ordering more.

  2. This soap is so aromatic and the lather is sooo sooo rich!! It’s an aromatherapy session each time I use the soap or simply walk into my bathroom! My bathroom and my skin thank you!

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