Suds Brewing Co. is run by two teenage brothers. Noah Foster (14), Giles Foster V (12) and their mom, Danielle Sydnor.  Danielle Sydnor has a background in finance and comes from a family of entrepreneurs. Noah and Giles Foster are balancing school with running their business. This is the team that makes up Suds Brewing Co.

At Suds Brewing Co. we use high quality natural ingredients to make sure our customers have the most enjoyable experience with our product. We use all natural oils, grains and locally brewed beer for a great result.

Why the tagline “We Brew Soap”? Here at Suds Brewing Co. we convert brewery waste into handcrafted soap, skin and hair care products. We use beer and spent grains to craft luxurious items that are as diverse and distinctive as possible. Why Beer? Beer has an ingredient called hops which has anti-inflammatory properties, which has been known to help soothe and calm irritated skin. In addition, beer consists of¬†95% water, so by using beer in our soap we are reusing one of our most important natural resources.





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