We love sharing all of the soap making knowledge we have with you. Please read our FAQ’s to help answer common questions you might have. If you don’t see your question here please fill out our contact form on the Contact Us page.

1. What is “Cold Process” Soap Making?

There are two types of commonly used soap making methods. One is “Hot Process” where after all the ingredients are mixed they are “cooked” at a medium warm temperature for about an hour to an hour and a half before being placed into a mold. The “Cold Process” requires the ingredients to be mixed at about 90-100 degrees, but immediately after mixing the soap goes into the molds and cools into its harder state.

2. Why do I have to wait to use my soap?

In the soap making process liquids are used to react with the Lye (Sodium Hydroxide). In our soap, we use BEER! When the Lye/Beer solution is mixed with all the oils you have “Saponification” which is the technical name for turning those liquids into soap. NO lye remains in the bar after saponification so it is safe to use on the skin! So after the soap comes out the molds we wait a minimum of 4 weeks before using the bar to allow all the excess liquids to evaporate out of the bar making it nice and hard. If you wait at least 6 weeks from the time bar comes out the mold that is ideal. We are a small start up business, so we do our best to keep up with demand. We include care instructions with each order. If the bar is used prematurely it will stay very soft and never reach it’s hardened state causing it to have a shorter life span.


3. How should I store my bar after use?

Suds Brewing Co. soap is made with 100% all natural products so you will need to be sure you allow your bar to air out and completely dry between uses. If it stays in a highly moist or wet area the bar will get VERY soft and turn to mush. Which is nooo fun!

4. If I have a skin condition is it safe to use on my skin?

At Suds Brewing Co., the statements we make are for information purposes only. We do not attempt to diagnose or treat any skin conditions with our products.

There are MANY natural benefits that come from using ingredients like beer, which contains hops that have anti inflammatory properties known to soothe irritated skin. Additionally our soaps do not have any harsh chemicals which have been shown to be the main culprit in causing skin irritation in cosmetic products. If you try our soap and find any irritation from it we suggest you discontinue use. We do use essential oils which react differently on different types of skin.

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